Many men are guided in the bedroom by the rule: she must get to orgasm first. Perhaps at first glance, such attitude is praised, but at the same time, it puts a lot of pressure on the woman. Suppose, for a few moments, you are approaching the climax and hope your partner is at the same point. Put pressure on her and you risk inhibiting her. In fact, because of this, many women pretend to have climaxed. Or scenario B: what man wants to ejaculate too quickly? In fact, this is the worst scenario for a man in bed with a woman. After all, men want to satisfy their lovers every time. That’s why they want the woman to be the first to have an orgasm.

Women like to have sex

They love privacy, they love to feel the body of an attractive man. They love to have the feeling that he wants to explore and enjoy every inch of their body. They like to feel desired. They want to see that a man takes the time to touch them, and that he does not skip the prelude. However, prelude is not the same thing as orgasm.

If you put pressure on her, then she will fake the ogasmin order not to affect your ego

Sometimes women simply can not experience climax. It simply depends on the day, what happened in the office, what happens in their body hormonally, how sexy they feel. And adding a new pressure – the rule that she must have the first orgasm – only destroys any chance of achieving the climax. To be sure you will have the time of your life, you should choose an escort from Jullieta, who can make any sexual experience be about the man.

Accept things as they are

So if you ejaculate immediately – find a way to get back on your feet. Do not stick to the idea that  both of you have to enjoy orgasms. Yes, in a perfect world, that’s exactly what should happen. But we are not living in such a world. She does not believe everything she saw happening in romantic movies. Just enjoy the present. Make her feel desired and give her the intimacy she is longing for. There is satisfaction for her when she knows you’ve totally lost you mind having sex with her.

If you want her to get to the orgasm, go to action

Women want to feel special, be surprised after a hard day of work, with an oral sex. Do not tell her you’re going to satisfy her, just get to work. When it comes to sex, words are less important than switching to action.

Give her what she needs

At the end of the love party, even if she has come to orgasm or not, she will always appreciate a strong hug. Do not jump out of bed as soon as you’re done, to go to the bathroom to take a shower. You can stay for a few minutes with her. Now is the right time to ask her what she wants in bed. Communication is sexy. After all, your goal is to make her feel sensational, isn’t it?

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