Queen Vashti, led a different dining experience for ladies. On the seventh day of the banquet, high on wine, he sent seven eunuchs to escort the ruler to his athens escorts so that the folks could perceive how excellent she was. He guided her to wear her crown, however it isn’t clear whether he needed her to wear whatever else.

Various pundits trust she was relied upon to seem bare. Huge numbers of the men had most likely previously seen her completely clad and would surely have valued an all the more noteworthy image of her excellence. Regardless Vashti would not go.

In the wake of guiding with his shrewd men Xerxes rejected her as ruler. He at that point had the issue of finding another ruler – and spouse. His own specialists proposed he direct a delight challenge including the most appealing youthful virgins to figure out who ought to be ruler. The ruler promptly acknowledged this guidance. He designated chiefs in every one of the 127 areas of his realm to discover delightful virgin ladies to send to the capital city, Shushan, for evaluation. Some portion of the appraisal procedure required every virgin to go through a night with the ruler. It would have been a difficult errand for the lord in light of the fact that, as per Josephus, 400 virgins were sent in from the areas. This story, alongside what pursued, is accounted for additionally in the scriptural book called Esther.

In the end the lord chosen a reasonable victor and, unimaginably, she ended up being a Jewish young lady called Esther who was “dazzling in structure and highlights”. (2:7 NIV)

Before going further we may wish to think about the ethical fiber of these two rulers. No doubt the Persian Queen Vashti was standing firm on rule and was dealt with in all respects brutally as a result of it while Esther, as a youthful Jewish young lady, appeared to have no second thoughts about engaging in sexual relations with the ruler. It was, obviously, just a matter of singles’ sex in light of the fact that the ruler had separated Vashti.

The punishment for infidelity in Israel was passing, however shouldn’t something be said about singles’ sex? One scriptural section (Exodus 22:16,17) shows that the punishment for singles’ sex was that the errant pair needed to wed, if father allowed, and the person needed to pay the lady of the hour cost.

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