Bathroom Vanity

One of the most widely recognized inquiries we get from our customers is:

What material are your vanities produced using?

In spite of the fact that the appropriate response is a straightforward one, the reaction we get from customers can be now and again disappointing. There are numerous legends about washroom cabinetry material sort. The objective of this article is to help teach you regarding this matter and give explanation.

Washroom vanity cupboards can be fabricated from numerous materials including strong hardwood, MDF (medium thickness fiberboard), cover, and glass, just to give some examples.

Here are a couple of points of interest and weaknesses to each:

Strong Hardwood

You will pay an a lot more expensive rate for a vanity produced using strong hardwood. Strong hardwood should be overlaid together coordinating grain and shading. It should likewise be satisfactorily dried to forestall twisting. There is a higher waste factor in the assembling procedure. You can undoubtedly decide whether a vanity is produced using strong hardwood by taking a gander at the inside completion; if within the vanity has a stain complete, it is produced using strong wood; on the off chance that it is painted, it is produced using MDF.

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

MDF is a composite wood item made out of wood squander strands stuck together with gum, warmth, and weight. MDF is utilized in numerous applications since it is smooth, uniform, and won’t twist with a quality paint or completion. MDF is suitable for restroom cabinetry since it is progressively steady with changing stickiness levels (no swelling or contracting). MDF has picked up fame since it has a lower sway on the earth when contrasted with wood since it is produced using remaining pieces that would wholesale bathroom vanities some way or another be dumped into a landfill.


Cover arrives in a wide assortment of hues and surfaces: wood designs, stone, marble and strong hues. Overlay is regularly utilized in business occupations on account of its solidness and simplicity of consideration. It is additionally utilized in post present day rebuilds and kids’ rooms.


This easy to think about; generally thought to be a contemporary look with restricted bureau space. Most glass vanities have open racks for capacity which require an emphasis on association as it is obvious to all. Glass vanities can be costly, depending one the size of the vanity. Glass vanities are normally blended with chrome for a perfect line advanced look.

The majority of the materials referenced above are viewed as worthy materials to fabricate restroom vanities. The more significant factor is the nature of the maker. I have by and by observed strong hardwood vanity lines that are made inadequately, and have seen exceptionally great MDF restroom vanities. Do your exploration when picking a vanity retailer, and in a perfect world approach others for suggestions when conceivable.

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