The Best Linux Operating System – Some Important Things to Consider

Linux is starting to catch the eyes of many, many people who normally wouldn’t go there! Finding the best Linux operating system is not hard at all. I want, in this article, to point out a few things that I’ve learned since starting to use the Linux system 4 or 5 years ago.

  • There are many, many Linux Operating systems.
  • You can download and try as many as you like without paying a dime.
  • There are some really, really great ones that are better than the top systems for sale out in the marketplace.
  • There are some that are very, very simplistic and basic.
  • There are some that are more graphics driven and elaborate.
  • The online support for Linux is second to none. If you have a question, there are many, many resources to choose from and you can leave your credit card in your pocket because they’re free.
  • You can try the Linux operating sistema-operacional linux vantagens e desvantagens system from a CD and not even disturb the system your now using.
  • To narrow it down, I tried the top ten Linux distributions and made a decision from there.
  • All of the distributions of Linux include so much software that there is something for everyone.
  • One of the coolest things is that you can just go to the Linux site of your choice and download it. Then you just burn it to a CD and your ready to go.

It seems funny, but there is a certain sense of accomplishment when you download and use Linux for the first time. Computers are such a big part of our lives now and usually you just buy one and are told what to do by the operating system on your machine. Using Linux tends to make you feel more in charge.

No Viruses or crashes!! I have never had to use any anti-virus software since switching to Linux years ago! Isn’t that amazing! I was always so concerned before about viruses and Spam and spy ware and on and on… I have never had an attack since using Linux. In the past I had spent so much money on getting my computer cleaned up by computer repair shops, that it was maddening. A friend set Linux up for me and I’ve never used anything else. He even set it up for his elderly parents and they have been using it longer than me.

The bottom line is, try one of the top rated versions of Linux for yourself and see what you think. I’m not going to mention the names of the ones I’ve tried or the one that I settled for, simply because it is totally up to you and for you. You will develop your own preferences for the different software etc. and I’m sure that you will be very impressed with Linux whatever version you use. And don’t worry, if you don’t like the first one you use, just try another version. Usually a person settles on one brand and sticks with it.

Now, go try the Linux operating system [] for yourself and have some fun and freedom.

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