Reverse Funnel System – An Inside Look at Ty Couglin’s Funnel

Ty Coughlin’s Reverse Funnel has three major ingredients: #1- Urgent, Carefully-Crafted Ad Copy, #2- An Actual Retail Product That Is Usable and Cost-Effective, and #3- The Opportunity to Earn Money. Let’s take a brief look at all three of these factors.

#1- Urgent, Carefully-Crafted Ad Copy. For those of you who are new to this kind of language, ‘Ad Copy’ is a fancy way of saying ‘how someone uses words to create purchases.’ If you read through the Ad Copy in the Reverse Funnel, you will find virtually every selling technique is employed. For instance, the idea of ‘exclusivity’ is promoted in that you must ‘submit an application’ to even be considered. This plays on an inherent human desire to get into the Ty’s ‘Inner Circle.’ Also, the notion of ‘price conditioning’ is heavy in the copy when they compare the six-figure cost of opening franchise. At the end of the Funnel, the $3000 purchase for a Global Resorts Membership appears very small. ultimate clickfunnels review These techniques are employed throughout the Funnel. They are key to it’s success.

#2- An Actual Retail Product that is Usable and Cost-Effective. If you begin to jump down the funnel, it leads to the purchase of a travel membership through Global Resorts Network. This membership has been around over 20 years. In short, it allows members to vacation at timeshare resorts without having to own a timeshare, pay the maintenance fees, or be limited to the number of weeks per year they can use the membership. I have personally used the Global Resorts Membership and paid $525 for a week at the Mayan Palace in Puerto Vallarta (retail is about $489 per night). Without question, the fact that a real product is hiding behind the Funnel has been a key feature to Funnel’s success.

#3- The Opportunity to Make Money. This is America. The reason many network marketing companies can ascend fast is the potential for people to earn money. Ty’s Funnel reveals how his system can create $1000 commissions over and over and over. The Reverse Funnel’s well-oiled appeal to earnings potential creates quick buyers.

In closing, good ad copy, combined with a real product and the potential to make money give Americans goosebumps. The Reverse Funnel System is a hybrid of internet marketing. That’s my two cents.

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