Tip Your Poker Dealer!

Whether you’re traveling to Las Vegas, or just down the road to the local card room, you should always make sure to tip your poker dealer. Keep in mind, in almost every card room, poker dealers are paid the minimum wage and make most of their living on tips. You wouldn’t not tip in a restaurant. You wouldn’t not tip a pizza delivery driver. So why would you not tip your poker dealer?
Tipping poker dealers is very easy. If you’ve just won a pot, as he or she rakes the pot to you, simply throw out whatever chips you want to tip him with back on the table, or place the chips on top of your cards as you push them in so he can shuffle them into the rest of the deck.

You should always tip dealers when you’ve just won a pot. Even if you just won the small and big blind, it definitely does not hurt to tip the dealer a very small amount. Be careful not to go super overboard with your tips or else you’re going to give away all you’ve won, but generally speaking, the size of the tip should be proportional to the size of the pot you’ve won. If you just won the three dollars in the blinds in a $1/$2 blind game, a $1 tip is certainly sufficient. If the dealer just dealt you a huge jackpot bonus hand and you end up winning the pot plus say a $40,000 bonus, it certainly doesn’t really take away from your winnings if you tip your dealer $500 to $1000. You’re still taking at least $39,000, and that dealer will certainly be very grateful.

And that is exactly why you should be tipping your dealers. If you plan to spend any significant amount of time at a particular card room, the poker dealers are more likely to become more familiar with you if you’re the player that’s idn poker online always remembering to toss him the tip. Realize that in typical card rooms, a dealer only sits at your table for about a half hour, and then the dealers rotate. That dealer spends a half hour with eight or nine players, and you’re not really going to stand out just because you’ve been out-playing the rest of the table. The dealer is just pitching cards and pushing chips. The chips that go into his or her pocket? Now those get paid attention to.

And why is important to become familiar and friendly with the dealers? If there is a dispute at the table during a hand you’re involved in, the dealer will do what he can to make sure he’s watching out for your interest. He knows that if the decision goes in your favor, and you end up winning the chips, he’ll see a piece of it. This isn’t to say that the dealer will go out of his way to cheat or abuse any rules in favor of you, but if there’s ever any gray area, or a question about who said what, the dealer will be looking out for you.

Additionally, when you and the dealers know each other by name, they’re more likely to give you advice away from the table. And sure, you’re a good poker player and don’t necessarily need advice on how to play the game, however, the dealers see a lot of hands played out, but most importantly they see a lot of players come and go from their tables. They’ll let you know what players are the sharks to look out for and what players are the big fish that just throw away chips.

Just remember, if you let the dealer know you’re looking out for his interests by tipping him a small portion of every pot you win, he’ll be looking out for your interests as well.

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