A Brief Theology of Sports

In all sports and recreations, there are sure ranges of abilities and aptitudes that are viewed as essential and vital. These must be accomplished by competitors before they can play at a larger amount later. In b-ball, spilling and executing an appropriate lay-up are pivotal. Tossing, getting and handling aptitudes are an absolute necessity in baseball and softball. The push-pass and accepting a pass are vital aptitudes in 토토사이트추천 and floor ball. The rundown goes on. In preseason preparing, or at the most punctual playing stage, these fundamental abilities must be made known to our young players, and all endeavors and time must be spent on acing these essential aptitudes. Without these abilities, a mentor will think that its exceptionally hard to execute increasingly complex group plays to accomplish top execution in sports. On the off chance that strikers can’t control a long go from a partner, how might we anticipate that a similar player should hold up the ball well up field against resistances safeguards and execute lay-off go to approaching colleagues in help. It will be insightful for mentors to build up these abilities early and furthermore for players to continue improving themselves in these aptitudes despite the fact that they may feel that they are sufficient as of now.

Indeed, even at expert dimensions, these fundamental aptitudes for their sports is significant for pinnacle execution in sports. The collection of aptitudes required and the power of how these abilities are performed at the most abnormal amounts are much increasingly intense. At the most abnormal amounts where rivals are all around equitably coordinate in all regions, one slip-up can regularly result in a success or misfortune. It is considerably increasingly significant for experts to ace every one of the abilities expected of the game or sports. Just under such extreme conditions can top execution in sports be conceivable.

3. High Fitness Levels

At secondary school levels, numerous competitors would not have achieved their maximal physical advancement yet regardless of the amount they train. Physiologically, the advancement around there in adolescents is shifted. A few kids achieve a high wellness standard quicker than others, while others have body types that will possibly react to preparing ideally when they get more seasoned. Subsequently, it tends to be accepted that a group with the fittest gathering of players will have the most preferred position. Regardless of how apt your adversaries are, in the event that you are fitter than the person in question, you will most likely beat your absence of wellness by responding quickly to conquer your deficit. Suppose, you are out spilled by a progressively capable adversary in soccer. Be that as it may, in the event that you are fitter than your adversary who have quite recently out-spilled you, you will almost certainly track back quick enough to cover your position once more. This edge in qualification for youth is significant at the later phases of the game as well, as players will in general tire quicker at this age. A fitter group will almost certainly win and score all the more later in the game. Players at this age should be persuaded of this requirement for wellness, and be urged to do whatever they can to accomplish the largest amount of wellness conceivable.

What about experts? In actuality, proficient competitors are relied upon to have wellness at the largest amounts. In the event that they are not, their rivals will be and thusly, they will beat them and achieve their pinnacle execution in sports. As a rule, proficient sportsmen realize how to get into extraordinary shape and keep up that till the finish of the period. Their physical bodies are likewise in the best state to be created to their fullest potential.

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6 handicappers picked Oakland to win (Marc Lawrence, Lee Kostroski, MJP Sports, Papayagang, Insider Sports Report, Super Sports Group)

14 handicappers picked Detroit to win (Gill Alexander, Jeff Alexander, Robert Ferringo, Hawkeye Sports, Tommy Gold, Baseball 7Meter, The Shark, JSM Sports, Executive, Sportsbook Guru, Teddy Covers, Tom Law Longball Sports, Dozo Games Handicapping, Greg Shaker)

Kansas City Royals versus Boston Red Sox

2 handicappers picked Kansas City to win (MJP Sports, Greg Shaker)

20 handicappers picked Boston to win (Tony George, Jack Jones, Robert Ferringo, Arthur Ralph Sports, Mike Wynn, Derek Mancini, Dave Cokin, Chris Jordan, National Sports Service, Jr Odonnell, The Shark, Igz1 Sports, Rocketman, Jsm Sports, Hammerthebook, Benjamin Lee Eckstein, Seabass, Ats Baseball Lock Club, Dozo Games Handicapping, Stan Sharp)

NBA Games

There are no NBA amusements played today.

Synopsis of the prescribed wagers to make for May 29th, 2010 dependent on the sports handicappers’ accord:

“Extreme Bet” of the day:

[MLB] Most sports handicappers lean toward the Boston Red Sox to win at a 20:2 proportion!

(Note: this wager was in the end WON)

“Best Bets” of the day:

[MLB] Most sports handicappers lean toward the Cincinnati Reds to win at a 11:1 proportion.

(Note: this wager was in the end WON)

[MLB] Most sports handicappers lean toward the Detroit Tigers to win at a 14:6 proportion.

(Note: this wager was in the end LOST)

[MLB] Most sports handicappers lean toward the Minnesota Twins to win at a 13:4 proportion.

(Note: this wager was in the end WON)

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Ten Mistakes Most Lottery Players Make

Applying this data to future draws implies that the participant has in any event utilized set up numerical and logical standards to their entrance. While there are never any assurances of winning, you can securely accept that the likelihood of those numbers being drawn is higher than data hk different numbers.

Anyway, how to apply this recently discovered knowledge to picking your numbers? All things considered, that is the trap obviously! It would be ideal if you visit my sitefor more talk on this theme, and access to an incredible asset that will assist you with picking numbers with the most noteworthy likelihood of being drawn. A debt of gratitude is in order for your time, and I wish you the best of achievement in your adventure to win the lottery!It’s 4:45 PM – you’ve been up since 5 AM and you’re prepared to return home. You get a get suddenly – requesting a “snappy investigation” of a specific bit of topography for another area for your organization. What information can you rapidly get your hands on with the goal that you can shape a wise position, and how would you utilize every one of those reports, in any case?

Site area is part craftsmanship and part science. One needs to comprehend the present business scene, the socioeconomics of the region, the traffic designs and however much as could reasonably be expected about tentative arrangements for advancement. What’s more, a tad of essential math helps, as well!

The Role of Parents, Teachers, and Providers in an Effective Home Tuition

An man or woman’s sound education isn’t handiest the result of the efforts invested by means of each the scholar and the college gadget, but is in reality a made from symbiotic interactions between the determine, the teachers, the scholar, and the faculty. alternatively, at the same time as domestic lessons may additionally seem to be an independent attempt viaparent as an adjunct to the traditional lecture room education, it’s far certainly powerful because of a everydayinterplay between the mother and father, the tutors, and the lessons organization.

The function of mother and father
because dad and mom have a natural emotional attachment to their children, it’s far just everyday for them to have the choice of providing simplest what is fine for their kids, and that includes the preference to provide the high-qualityexcellent of training possible. it’s miles therefore natural for dad and mom to feel pressured each time their kids are notacting nicely at faculty, and so one can help their youngsters achieve an acceptable instructional overall performance, one of the component they lodge to is to search for expert assist by way of domestic tuition. The dad and mom’ position, however, does now not give up with presenting such a need. home training is as dynamic as traditional lecture roomguidance is. It does not exclusively revolve across the tutor and the student. To be an effective device in facilitating a conducive studying surroundings for their youngsters, dad and mom must take a proactive position in private lessons. firstly, they have to see to it that their baby’s show does now not have interaction in the traditional teaching methodsthat abate the child’s possibility to broaden an potential for self-directed studying. coaching techniques including the spoon-feeding and the rote-memorization method are amongst such techniques that obstruct a scholar’s ability for independent gaining knowledge of, and mother and father will do well to make certain that their baby’s show does not in any manner lodge to the usage of those antiquated techniques of coaching. figure’s need to also see to it that their infant’s show has a supportive attitude, with a purpose to pass an extended manner closer to supporting develop the kid’s emotional intelligence. This, in flip, also helps in the development of the kid’s ability to engage in self-directed mastering.

The role of instructors
instructors working for a domestic lessons company need to apprehend that they carry out a important position in theoverall private improvement of any child they interact with. As private tutors, they give a supportive getting to knowsurroundings in which the child’s emotional intelligence, apart from his or her intellectual capability, is progressivelyevolved. This in turn promotes a student’s self confidence and outcomes in gaining an capability to behavior self-directed gaining knowledge of. To acquire this goal, domestic tuition carriers need to avoid spoon-feeding and rote memorization as a technique of education, in view that these strategies only foster dependence at the a part of the student. instead, non-public tutors have to use coaching techniques that promote and aid independence and self-stimulated in addition toself-regulated gaining knowledge of.

The function of tuition facilities
domestic training agencies have RedDotTutors of searching out teachers or tutors who are well qualified to deal with the subjects that they offer tuition for. now not only have to teachers have enough information of the concern that they handle, however they have to be capable of facilitate a clean knowledge transfer as well. further, it is the lessons center’s duty to screen their teachers or tutors, ensuring that they have the capability to adapt to numerous student personalities and conduct. moreover, the middle must be able to pick out tutors which can be specially acceptable to handle specifickind of college students as wished. other than training, the middle have to additionally be capable of offer motivational sports and organization lessons.

In end, home training is an crucial issue of a child’s training and its primary goal is to assist the student attain no longermost effective excellence in teachers but also emotional intelligence and independence in studying. An effective hometuition is the result of at the same time useful interactions between the kid, the parents, the teachers or tutors, and the training center.

Local Embroidery Versus Wholesale Customized Embroidery Websites, How to Find the Cheapest Prices

“Yue” embroidery of Guangdong Province – is rich and complicated in content with bright colors and strong decorative effects. The embroidery is smooth and even. One type, gold and silver cushion embroidery, creates a magnificent three-dimensional effect. Yue embroidery has a wide range of promotional products, the most common ones being birds worshipping the sun, dragons and phoenixes.

4) “Shu” embroidery of Sichuan Province – are mostly found in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province. They are made with soft satins and colored threads as the raw materials are embroidered by hand. The varied stitching methods form their unique local style. Designs on Shu embroidery include flowers, birds, landscapes, fish, worms and human figures. The products themselves include quilt covers, pillow covers, back cushions, table cloths, scarves and handkerchiefs.

Western-Style Silk Embroidery

Western-style silk embroidery occurs as the result of an
artist using fine silk strands and needles to accurately
reproduce famous Western-style oil paintings (see figure 2)
– like Van Gogh and Da Vinci. It is truly amazing how an
embroidery artist can literally take silk strands and create
a silk reproduction of a well-known artist’s oil painting.

Essentially, the artist paints with fine silk strands instead
of painting with oil. Think about it . . . does this not perhaps
require more skill than painting with oil itself? Despite the
difference in materials and technique, one thing about a
silk embroidery work is that – from a distance – it can very
much resemble a work of oil painting .

From up close, however, one can notice the colorful
patterns and detailed stitching in a silk embroidery work.
In fact, the colors will appear more bright and lively than
the usually duller colors of an oil painting.

Double-Sided Silk Embroidery

Double-sided silk embroidery is the result of an advanced embroidery technique in which the artist stitches on both sides of a single transparent silk canvas. The embroidered design displays on both the front and back sides of the fabric and does not show the joints in the stitching. Such a work is normally mounted as a screen on a wooden frame. A special feature about double-sided silk embroidery is that you can enjoy the artist’s handiwork from either side of the picture.

How Does Video Streaming Work?

Due to the fact the arrival of the net, doing many interactive matters inclusive of video streaming has end up feasible. The energy of dynamic net permits someone to transmit both audio as well as video at very excessive speeds; in order thatthings like video streaming and teleconferencing come to be possible. In essence, video streaming is not anything extrathan taking a video and audio sign on the supply and transmitting across the internet. This lets in you to send any interactive video stream to any internet site which could get hold of dynamic information. The internet site that isdisplaying the video flow have to have a special script that can display your video and audio stream.

you can without difficulty create video streaming with not anything more than a easy microphone and a webcam or you can use greater superior gadget to generate the desired sign. further, you’ll want a few type of an encoder software program that will help you to transform the sign into a continuous move. so that it will achieve this, the streaming statistics need to be broken into packets and each packet needs to be checked for the time being of streaming as a way tomake certain that the records integrity is maintained. If there may be an encoding hassle, this will reason the lack of the coherence of the visible data, that could reason problems at the reception cease as nicely. otherwise visual frames as well as audio packets may be dropped throughout transmission and this could make the published lose its overallcoherency. generally, the sign integrity can depend upon your net connection pace, in addition to the satisfactory of the road itself. Your net connection ought to be right enough so that the facts packets also are being forwarded to your ISP with minimal loss. similarly, your connection ought to have an usual stability for extended intervals of time for the reason that net broadcasting o streaming will commonly take place for a while. An unstable connection can cause lot of dropped frames to your video circulate.

The most popular type of encoding in video streaming is flash streaming. The finest benefit of flash streaming is that it could be played again in any kind of a browser. you could effortlessly use net Explorer, Firefox Mozilla, Google Chrome or even Opera to play lower back any flash streaming no matter the computer or the running machine this is being used. for this reason, whether the consumer is the use of an Apple computer or a conventional pc might not be counted and evenusing home windows or Linux will not make a distinction in gambling lower back the circulate. but, the primary hasslewith flash streaming is the reality that it’s going to use a bigger quantity of bandwidth and this may make it an difficulty in terms of bandwidth availability.

the second one kind of encoding mechanism that you can use is Shoutcast streaming. In reality, shoutcast streaming is a totally popular streaming technique that has been in use for over a decade. it is particularly used for audio streaming and for net radio stations, for the reason that it’s far an less expensive and clean manner of streaming. The shoutcast streaming encoder virtually makes use of a form of MP3 encoder that is Winamp compatible, in order that it may be performed returned in range of different structures along with Winamp participant as well as VLC player. specially, many on-line radio stations have popped up after the usage of Shoutcast streaming. however, the main drawback of Shoutcast streaming is the fact that mainly video alerts can be difficult to playback in one-of-a-kind sort of browsers. accordingly, you can become the use of exceptional scripts for special browsers and this may no longer be necessarily sensible for a website that shows video streaming. but, for audio streaming Shoutcast still remains the high-quality choice.

almost all the encoders for video streaming in addition to audio streaming can be determined at no cost at the net. however, you may want to use a few kind of a statistics service provider to offer a server on your streams. those encoders will ship the video circulate or the audio circulate to the streaming server and the streaming server will ship the signal to the whole of the net. Of path, every time that someone watches your video circulation, then it’s going to use that much of bandwidth from the server itself. as an instance, in case you are streaming at 128 kps, then this will suggest that the individual that is watching your video flow can also be the use of a 128 kps of the bandwidth. So, if you have many peoplewatching your video circulate, filmer then this will reason a whole lot of bandwidth for use without delay by using the server. In truth, with a simple calculation, if 50 customers watch your video flow or your net video broadcast constantly for a month; it could use as plenty as 50 GB of bandwidth from your server and from your carrier issuer. for this reason, this can causebig payments from your carrier provider.

consequently, it’s miles important that you select a carrier provider that is capable of give you less expensive costs for the amount of listeners that you’ll have to your move. similarly, a few move bandwidth vendors will give you a hard and fast quantity of bandwidth and they may charge you best for that, whilst a few flow bandwidth providers can deliverprovide you with a pay as you move machine. for you to pick out the perfect move service company, you will need to have some concept of what number of people will watch your stream or broadcast. Of direction, unnecessary to say, your provider company ought to additionally ensure that they offer non-stop help in your video streaming broadcast. moreover, script support should also be supplied, so you can embed a compatible script for your website. This manner, you can make sure that your video circulation can reach as massive number of people as viable. in the end, you could do numerous thrilling sports with video streaming and you may even start your own net television station or your very ownon line radio. So, begin looking at your alternatives and start your private internet broadcasting nowadays.

Dr. UGUR GUVEN is an Aerospace Engineer (PhD). He has worked because the Technical Director of various televisionChannels and he’s presently a Technical representative to many television channels these days. Dr Guven has been worried with development of net tv broadcasting and video streaming generation on account that 2000.

The Popularity of Role Playing Games

Dissimilar to disconnected Solitaire, online ones have various techniques to make the showing. The main intention of the solitaire requires the player to collect the cards in proper manner according to their suit and their position. It is significant that a player ought to experience the guidelines with consideration before he begins to make the showing. When you have comprehended the directions well, you can develop a system to make the appearance. It will enable you to make the appearance all the more productively.

We discover a ton of upsetting things around us that we search for another thing to occupy our thoughtfulness regarding. All the more regularly we will in general go online on the Internet and search for a type of amusement, and a standout amongst the most charming activities on dragon city hack 2019 the Internet is to make gutsy web based diversions. Two of the most explorative and courageous amusements that you may discover online are angling diversions and dragon recreations. Here are a couple of reasons why you should attempt them yourself.

In the event that you haven’t gone angling yet and you feel this is something that you need to learn and appreciate, you may select to play an internet angling game that can enable you to encounter what it resembles. You may discover recreations which can take after what angling resembles without a doubt, some would enable you to join a competition as though you are attempting another game this time around. These amusements enable you to improve your aptitudes starting with one dimension then onto the next to enable you to appreciate angling in a virtual manner.

You may likewise discover web based angling diversions which are commonly similar to an inquiry and answer, incidental data sort of game that will enable you to find progressively about angling. A few diversions would enable you to appreciate angling for all intents and purposes as though you were holding a genuine angling pole to get as much fish as you can. There are a great deal of game alternatives to browse with regards to angling and dragon undertakings too.

Discussing dragon undertakings, you’ll locate this a standout amongst the most well known characters that children love to watch, learn and talk about. That is the reason game designers did their best to assemble different bold recreations that has to do with this legendary animal. There are a ton of dragon amusements accessible online that one can scarcely list them. Dragons have moved toward becoming kind of a brave image for the children which make them progressively joined to the character themselves. Realizing that children love these recreations grown-ups may likewise enjoy making such diversions themselves for the sake of entertainment. Either on the off chance that you expect to play dragon or angling recreations on the web, you will without a doubt think that its fun and energizing to make tracks in an opposite direction from your distressing life, and find what these amusements can accomplish for you.Online diversions are extraordinary to keep youngsters at home. It gives the chance to guardians and youngsters to invest quality energy and see each other better. Kids will simply love to play Bowling diversions and Dragon recreations, which are fun pressed and energizing.

Cricket Blogs Manifest Expression Of Cricket Feelings

All things considered, through a cricket score work area scoreboard has turned into a real existence line for some cricket sweethearts as it offers them to get associated with Smartcric the game anyplace and whenever and without getting blameworthy. You can likewise make cricket score work area scoreboard as your screen saver and a landing page, the each time you are going to see the main thing will be cricket score work area scoreboard. Presently you can say and display that you have cricket score work area scoreboard on your work area and to see it you simply need to click a catch.

Cricket is a round of enthusiasm and influences the lives of cricket devotees enormously. Fans or no fans, they need to be associated with cricket every which way. At the point when the competitions are not occurring, fans are stuck on to the different sites for the impression and data on their preferred players just as groups. Also, in this situation, cricket picture display is the ideal method to connect with cricket. Cricket picture exhibition is a refreshment for a large number of the followers.

With the attack of web in our lives, fans can access cricket and its mysterious world effectively. Truth be told, web has encouraged sites that offers astounding stuff identified with cricket whether it is cricket news or cricketer’s news, just as exceptional pictures and even gifts. Cricket picture exhibition resembles a God to numerous fans, as it gives them to be the game 24×7 with no disturbance. Cricket picture exhibition offers an assortment of things that are huge just as valuable to the cricket darlings. One can say that cricket picture exhibition is another help for the insane fans other than spirited game known as cricket. All things considered, we as a whole know about the way that cricket oddities love to gather individual and on-activity pictures of their deities. Thus, cricket picture display is the best mode to remain with cricket.

Pictures are the most ideal approach to catch and hold recollections, as they can be valued for the duration of our lives. Cricket picture display allows to catch those extraordinary and dependable pictures of cricketers. Everybody who is a standard client of web must be knowledgeable with the specialty of looking and downloading cricket pictures. All things considered, it isn’t fundamental that one will discover the pictures of cricket saints just in real life; actually, cricket picture exhibition offers an enormous assortment of individual pictures of cricket.

Film in streaming

Streaming is the method of delivering the video or audio contents over the internet. stay streaming of aerial movies is one of the most up to date tendencies in sports, occasions, content advent and song enterprise. it’s miles due to the growingrecognition of drones and advances in drone and drone filming technologies. there’s a large call for for aerial movies, and filmmaking and short-film industries, are thriving at the advances in customer drone era.

but, how can we make movies and how to movement them and most importantly, the way to make cash out of them. In this text, I talk some of these troubles and explain the way to setup a video streaming system, and the way to earn cashfrom our video contents. What equipment need to you use, what software program are available and execs and cons of numerous systems and services to be had to us for video streaming and advertising?

The demand for aerial videos:

Aerial videos are in huge demand in nearly every area of existence. human beings love to see the aerial perspectives of sports activities and occasions from some uncommon angles. before purchaser drones, it changed into extraordinarilyluxurious to make such videos. however, now it is dirt cheap to get some great aerial views. also, agricultural imaging and commercial inspection of huge systems are a few different regions in which aerial videos are getting used.

The software for stay Streaming of aerial motion pictures:

The drone proprietors can use their FPV (first character view) and VR (digital truth) kinds of headsets to see some greatoutside while flying their drones. Now imagine that with stay streaming of those videos, thousands of other people can enjoy the identical results from the consolation of their domestic. it’s miles the revel in humans need to have. you couldfly your drone and share the view with thousand others.

some other wide scope utility is the streaming of business inspection Film streaming to the manipulate rooms and boardrooms of flora and groups. it’s also executed via small drone groups imparting those services. This region of video streaming has an substantial ability, and in destiny, we can assume a excellent boom on this quarter.

other packages include political and religious event streaming to expose the aerial view of the gatherings. additionally, information channels are using stay streamings for vital occasions. in addition, people need to stream the videos in theirweddings to someone no longer attending and so on.

Aerial stay Streaming setup

you may use a helicopter for aerial photography, but we are speaking about a less expensive version, so here we handiestdiscuss drones. stay streaming from drones is still a unique generation. a number of the issues for aerial stay streaming are following:

1. stay streaming offerings:

the first aspect you need to decide is in which you need to live-move your drone movies. some of the live streaming offerings are YouTube stay, ustream, LivestreamTwitter’s periscope and facebook stay streaming provider.

2. The drone camera: a few cameras output the videos in a commonplace way, however you want a drone with a digicamwhich gives a easy HDMI output on the way to use live streaming services. if your digicam does no longer offer a easyHDMI output, you will have to discover a suitable adapter.

3. you then need an encoder which takes HDMI and transmits it at the internet.

four. There are main protocols utilized by streaming services. RTMP (real-Time Messaging Protocol) and RTSP (real-Time Streaming Protocol). Have a look at the precise one in your carrier because your choice of the encoder depends on it. there’s additionally HTTP stay Streaming (HLS) wherein you divide the video document into small segments and deliver it to a participant via HTTP protocol.


Web not simply empowers us to try too hard in to a vast expanse of information yet what’s more the universe of sharing propelled archives among ourselves. seedbox  has made it functional for us to move and download films, music accumulations, picture presentations, piles of modernized reports inside minutes. It might be grasped as a dedicated private server which is used to share, moving or downloading propelled records. Thusly in actuality a PC or a PC can in like manner be appointed seedbox in case it satisfies the specific points of interest. They all around use storm shows or edonkey2000 frameworks to do their errands. Their basic component which causes them to stay among the gathering is the ultra quick they offer. They offer such speeds that even reports up to 2 GB can be downloaded in as low as 2 minutes.

In the past movies were made to be seen on the wide screen. Clearly now every day too they are being made for a comparable reason, yet our view have changed we first pay exceptional personality to overviews and observers on a particular film, make a request or two if the movie is sure or pessimistic, is it worth survey or not and after a noteworthy time decide not to go to the theater yet rather download a HD (High Definition) print and watch it in the comforts of our home. The unprecedented thing about watching films at home is that no one will be there to disturb you; you can rewind the best scenes of a particular movie. This is all possible in view of the conspicuous closeness of web in our lives.

An enormous bit of the overall public don’t know such particular dialects and realize only that movies can be downloaded using programming like utorrent and downpours can be found at different areas like bittorrents, seederpeer, mininova, isohunt torrentz, torrentreactor, etc. There are seeders who move and there are heretics who download, in the wake of downloading a particular bit of the full film or full gathering, the vulgar individual transforms into a seeder for another person, like smart the extent is kept up among seeders and buddies. The downloading system uses shows like FTP, HTTP, SFTP, etc and grants anonymity which is an extra great position. Seedboxes can continue running on a huge segment of the working systems open in the market like windows, Mac or Linux. They have the extra benefit of giving ultra high speeds which is of exceptional help when the ground breaking strategy is taken into view.

There are capable seedbox encouraging associations in the market now day by day that give all of these workplaces to an apparent proportion of cost. The various features they give merit the cost and it isn’t at all fitting to change over your home Personal Computer or PC into a seedbox as it will be exposed to various a dangers of this web world like hacking or disease strike. Support transforms into a significant issue if you have your very own seedbox because of the synchronizing issues between the workstation and the host.

Remember those old floppy plate facilitators which we always used to require, course back when PCs used to store singular information on floppy circles. Why not pull it out and use it to store your seed groups.